I am so glad that Guy did a lot of modeling for print ads in the 1940's and early 50's. The ads do a lot more than just advertise products. They provide a record of American everyday life of a bygone era in a way that nothing else can. And consider the fierce U.S. homeland pride during World War II, displaying war ads as a symbol of support, and companies explaining how they are doing their bit for victory. Some ads are a reminder of what had been and others are a hope of what was to come. Looking at these ads is a trip down memory lane. Some ads are Guy as some artists' illustrations with some very good likenesses. I also include some of Jan Willams' work.
Mallory Hats Mallory Hats Champ Hats French's Mustard Prell Shampoo Johnson's Baby Lotion
Trushay Eversharp Pens Phillips Milk of Magnesia Heisey Orchid Glassware Vitalis Hair Tonic with Jan Kreml Hair Tonic
Camels Cigarettes Bon Ami Cleanser Bon Ami Cleanser Palmolive Dish Soap Ski Clothes Zippo Lighters
Pepsi Vaseline Hair Tonic Jergens Hand Lotion Eversharp Razors Eveready Hearing Aid Batteries Gyrol Fluid
7 Up Mennen Baby Lotion Norge Refrigerators Wildroot Cream-Oil Formula Listerine Toothpaste Vaseline Hair Tonic
Beautyrest Mattresses Prudential Life Insurance Bausch & Lomb Sun Glasses Colgate Dental Cream Colgate Dental Cream Colgate Dental Cream
Heinz Foods True Romance Magazine With model With model With model Mum Deodorant
General Electric Dishwasher Exciting Romances Magazine Jeris Hair Tonic Love Story Photo Love Story Photo Romantic Secrets
Formfit Girdle U.S. Camera  Magazine U.S. Camera  Magazine Noxzema Pageant Magazine Pageant Magazine Photo
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