"Prell New Radiant Creme Shampoo"

Exciting Prell removes dandruff in as little as 3 minutes! Leaves hair RADIANTLY clean - RADIANTLY smooth.

Small Print:
Front Page News! Prell, the new emerald clear Radiant-Creme Shampoo with the marvelous patented ingredients, leaves your hair sparkling with radiance, and leaves it free of ugly dandruff.

Doctors' examinations proved that Prell removes unsightly dandruff in as little as 3 minutes - that regular Prell shampoos control such dandruff.

And how hair shines after Prell, how smooth it is, how soft and caressable! Easy to manage too - to arrange. Prell is extra convenient in that easy tube... no jars or bottles to break... and it's concentrated for economy. Get a tube of Prell today - See how radiantly lovely it leaves your hair.

Prell Shampoo