"Born Just at the Right Time to Benefit From Amazing New Lotion"

Small Print:
Your baby came in on the right stork-flight. For today you can give him an entirely new kind of skin care - with hospital-tested Johnson's Baby Lotion! Not a cream, not an oil, but a Lotion - smooth, snow-white antiseptic!

Lotion care lessens rashes, hospitals prove! Amazing new Johnson's Baby Lotion was used for routine skin care of thousands of newborns, in test hospitals.

Cases of heat rash and urine irritation dropped by astonishing percentages - to a low never even approached by commonly used preparations.

You'll find lotion far pleasanter to use! What a delight - to find a better preparation that's neater, nicer to use! Smooth on velvety, white Johnson's Baby Lotion after baby's bath, at diaper changes.

Begin today to give your baby the proved protection of new Johnson's Baby Lotion - the modern baby skin care!

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Johnson's Baby Lotion
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