"Keep your hands evening-soft all day long!"

This fabulous lotion is double-beauty magic

Small Print:
HARD-AT-WORK and "on display," your hands lead a double life. So - pamper them with the double-beauty magic of Trushay. Trushay, you see, is first of all a velvet-soft lotion - with a wondrous touch you've never known before. A luxury lotion for all your lotion needs - a joy to use any time. Every fragrant, peach-colored drop is so rich, your hands feel softer and smoother instantly! Yet... Trushay's magic doesn't stop there. It also brings to you a fabulous "beforehand" extra! Smoothed on your hands before doing dishes or light laundry, Trushay protects them even in hot, soapy water. Guards them from drying damage. So your hands stay evening-soft all day long! Adopt Trushay's double-beauty help - begin today to use Trushay!

Trushay, the lotion with the "beforehand" extra!

Trushay Hand Lotion