"How can anyone so cute be such a wow at cleaning?"

Small Print:
She: "With Bon Ami, silly!" A fast cleanser that doesn't leave dirt-catching scratches.

He: Help, honey - this is something Mother didn't tell me! Never leaves what?

She: Scratches, darling! Most cleansers leave scratches that trap dirt and make your cleaning twice as hard.

He: And Bon Ami doesn't do that?

She: Goodness, haven't you heard that Bon Ami "hasn't scratched yet"? It just slides dirt and grease away, as smooth and easy as you please - and polishes, too. Shines tub and sink, quick as a wink!

He: What d'ya know? The girl's a poet!

She: Well, I could get poetic over the way Bon Ami treats my hands - it never makes them all rough and horrid.

He: Then it gets my vote, sugar! And just because you're smart as well as pretty, you get two good-bye kisses this morning!

Us: Don't forget, pure, white Bon Ami comes in two forms! There's Powder for sinks, tubs, pots and pans, enamel, stoves, refrigerators; Cake for making windows and mirrors sparkle.

Bon Ami, the speedy cleanser that hasn't "scratched" yet.

Bon Ami Cleanser
Bon Ami