"Gosh, honey, how do you clean a sink so fast?"

Small Print:
Sue: "It's simple! My cleanser never leaves any dirt-catching scratches!"

Wise women don't take chances with harsh, gritty cleansers. They know that Bon Ami is speedy because it doesn't leave those tiny scratches that dull porcelain - make you scrub harder to dig out dirt. Instead, Bon Ami polishes as it cleans - leaves a smooth-as-satin surface that's easy to keep clean. And, because it's free from grit and harsh alkalis, Bon Ami never roughens pretty hands. For time's sake and beauty's sake - stick to Bon Ami!

P.S. Bon Ami Powder is a favorite for sinks, bathtubs, pots and pans, general cleaning; Bon Ami Cake for windows, mirrors, windshields, metal fixtures.

Bon Ami, the speedy cleanser that hasn't "scratched" yet.

Bon Ami Cleanser
Bon Ami