"Doctors Prove 2 out of 3 women can have Lovelier Skin in 14 days!"

Small Print:
14-Day Palmolive plan tested by 36 doctors on 1285 women with all types of skin!

"My complexion had lost its soft, smooth look," says Mrs. Edmund Hallowell of Philadelphia. "So I said 'yes' when I was invited to try the new 14-Day Palmolive Plan - along with 1284 other women of all ages - from fifteen to fifty! My group reported to a leading Philadelphia skin specialist. Some of us had dry skins; some oily; some average. After a careful examination, we were given the plan to use at home for 14 days.

"Here's the Palmolive Plan; I washed my face three times a day with Palmolive Soap. Then - each time - for a full 60 seconds - massaged onto my skin Palmolive's lovely soft lather, as you would a cream. Then rinsed. This cleansing massage brought my skin the full, beautifying effect of Palmolive's lather. After 14 days, my doctor agreed my complexion was brighter, fresher, smoother. You must try this wonderful 14-Day Palmolive Plan for your skin!"

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Palmolive Soap