"She Wants to Play Post Office!"

Small Print:
Sis: "Why not? That's certainly no reason for you to run out on my best friend!"

Brother: "Sis, if she's your best friend, take my advice and air mail Sue to her dentist for - for a breath checkup!"

(Sue sees her dentist!) Dentist: "To combat bad breath, I recommend Colgate Dental Cream! For scientific tests prove that in 7 out of 10 cases, Colgate's instantly stops bad breath that originates in the mouth! Colgate's active penetrating foam gets into hidden crevices between teeth - helps clean out decaying food particles - stop stagnant saliva odors - remove the cause of much bad breath."

(Later - thanks to Colgate Dental Cream) Sue: "Sue's mail was slow in coming through, but now this male is all for Sue!"

Sue: Colgate's does a super job of cleaning and polishing teeth, too!"

It cleans your breath
while it cleans your teeth.

Colgate Dental Cream
Colgate Dental Cream