"Can your scalp pass the F-N test?"

Small Print:
1. It's F-N, the test for men! The "FINGERNAIL TEST!" Scratch your head and see if you find dryness or loose, ugly dandruff. If so, you need new Wildroot Cream-Oil Formula. Relieves dryness, removes loose dandruff! Buy the large size.

2. Only a little Wildroot Cream-Oil can do a big job for your hair. Keeps your hair well groomed all day long without a trace of that greasy, plastered down look! Your hair looks good and feels good!

3. LANOLIN is an oil resembling the natural oil of the human skin! No wonder four out of five users in a nation-wide test preferred Wildroot Cream-Oil to other preparations formerly used. Get it today from your barber or drug counter.

IMPORTANT: Smart women use Wildroot Cream-Oil for quick grooming and to relieve dryness. Also excellent for training children's hair!

Non-Alcoholic - Contains Lanolin!

Wildroot Cream-Oil