"Smoke all you want, but... why take TOBACCO MOUTH with you?"

Small Print:
BEFOR ANY DATE! Use this pure-white tooth paste, with Lusterfoam, that chases tobacco stain and off-color breath.

The most unfortunate thing about "tobacco mouth" is that it becomes part of you so gradually. The only people it gives a "start" to are your friends!

Your friends, your neighbors, your dentist - they all recognize "tobacco mouth" at the drop of a smile. But you, you're never quit sure... unless, of course, you are a regular user of Listerine Tooth Paste. There's a good reason why you can be sure.

It contains Lusterfoam - a special ingredient that actually foams cleaning and polishing agents over your teeth... into the crevices - removes fresh stain before it gets a chance to "set"... whisks away that odor-making tobacco debris!

See for yourself how Listerine Tooth Paste with Lusterfoam freshens your mouth and your breath! Get a tube and make sure that wherever you go - you won't take "tobacco mouth" with you!

Listerine Tooth Paste