"Oh-oh, Dry Scalp!"

Small Print:
...Gosh, look at Bob's hair. It's all tangled and wild looking. And, hey, he's got loose dandruff, too. It's Dry Scalp, all right. If he'd just use 'Vaseline' Hair Tonic he could keep his hair combed and looking neat all day long. I wonder..."

5 drops a day keep Dry Scalp away

Look what happens! It can happen to you, too... Just five drops of 'Vaseline' Hair Tonic a day check Dry Scalp by supplementing natural scalp oils. Loose dandruff disappears. That itchy feeling goes. Your hair regains that natural, just-combed look. 'Vaseline' Hair Tonic works with nature - contains no alcohol or other drying ingredients. Use it, too, with massage before shampooing. It's double care - both scalp and hair.

More bottles sold today than any other hair tonic

Vaseline Hair Tonic