"Beautyrest - The World's Most Comfortable Mattress!"

Small Print:
Far cry from a foxhole! Army life was never like this for this ex-G.I., now drifting off on this dream of a dream mattress - Beautyrest, made by Simmons Company!

And before long, you, too, will be relaxing on a Beautyrest - a NEW Beautyrest - for Beautyrests are coming back!
Coming back with those 837 famous coils. And they'll still be individually pocketed... to yield independently to every curve and turn of your body... to provide you with "mid-mattress comfort" clear to the edges. And your Beautyrest's deep sides will stay always firm and resilient, thanks to that patented "sag-proof" border.

If you can wait a little longer for a Beautyrest, by all means do so! If you simply have to have a new mattress now, buy one of Simmons' other fine innerspring mattresses...made as only Simmons can make them! Remember, the name "Simmons" on a mattress is your assurance of good workmanship and restful relaxation.

Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses
Simmons Beautyrest