"All angels aren't in heaven"

Small Print:
Ever since woman first comforted a suffering creature against her breast, man has carried a grateful reverence for her in his heart. Whenever he is wounded - in spirit, mind, or body - he turns to the tender magic of that touch for which there is no substitute.

Today, when men are suffering more than ever in history, their need for her help and comfort is even greater - it is desperate.

IF YOU ARE A REGISTERED NURSE, the Army calls you to this greatest of services for our returning wounded. Thousands of Army nurses have shipped overseas to work in the hospitals behind the lines, and their places must be filled at once.

An Army nurse's job has many advantages. You are a commissioned officer in the Army of the United States, with all the prestige and prerogatives of your rank. You have opportunity for advancement and increased pay. You obtain invaluable experience working in Army hospitals, on constantly varying types of cases.

And, above all, you exercise the incomparable privilege of your profession - by nursing our glorious wounded as they return in need of the best of care. You will attend them, comfort them, assist them back to health. In many instances your knowledge will save their lives. There is no more essential service, no prouder contribution to out country's ultimate victory and rehabilitation.

For information on how you, as a registered nurse, may serve in the Army nurse corps - apply at your Red Cross Recruitment Committee, or write or wire The Surgeon General, Washington 25, D.C.

Time is precious and the need is great - do this now.

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