"Will you help us find a phrase?"

Small Print:
1. Soft as a glove. That's one way to describe how the distinctive felt of a Mallory Hat feels in your hand. It is softer than other hats. But that isn't the whole story.

2. Lively as a fencer's foil. That comes close to describing it, too. For the fine, resilient felt in your Mallory will spring right back with a touch if you crush it accidentally.

3. Mellow as an old violin. Maybe that's the best phrase yet. For "mellow" is the word hatters use to describe the quality in fine felt that makes a hat keep its softness and liveliness through months of wear. Mallory Hats are hand-mellowed by hours of patient hand work.

4. But honestly no one phrase quite does justice to the distinctive difference in a Mallory - a difference your fingers will recognize the minute they touch one of these fine hats. Example: This lightweight Mallory, "Spring '48", handsome styled with smart concealed underwelt edge. Your dealer has it in new colors for Spring - $8.50. Cravenette showerproofed, of course. See it today! Other Mallory Hats, $7.50 - $15.00.

Feel the difference in a MALLORY

Mallory Hats
Mallory Hats