"QUALITY you can feel"

Small Print:
1. Soft as a rabbit. Fingertips are better than words for discovering the distinctive softness you'll feel when you pick up a Mallory Hat.
2. Lively as a polo mallot. You can feel the life in Mallory's superb fur felt. And dents and creases yield to a feather-light touch.
3. The Mallory Continental - like all Mallory Hats - keeps that soft, lively feel which hatters praise as "mellow". The Continental is now on display at your Mallory Dealer's in this season's latest smart shades. Cravenetted-$10.00. Other fine Mallory Hats, $8.50 to $20.00.

Feel the difference in a Mallory

Mallory Hats
Mallory Hats