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So smart... so right a Christmas gift to men, CHAMP HAT gift certificate gives your man the superb richly styled hat prized by executives, doctors, lawyers, sportsmen. Nothing you can choose will please him more at $7.50.

Delight him on Christmas morning with this smart little Champ Hat gift box containing a tiny hat and Champ gift certificate... He's sure to love it because he chooses his own Champ Hat style himself!

M-M-M! He'll be so smooth in Champ "GAUCHO". A devil-may-care style from gay South America. Puggree type band. Narrow ribbon edge. An amazing value at $7.50.

Your heart will melt at his smart looks in Champ "DASH". Richly styled! Luxurious living. 100% fur felt. Expertly pre-creased to keep shape. Sensational at only 7.50.

Look! He's so handsome in Champ "DIPLOMAT" with its extra wide ribbon... smooth distinctive style. Gray, brown, blue or covert. A luxury dress-up hat at only 7.50.

Champ Hats
Champ Hats