"Struck Oil, Pop?..."

Small Print:
"Try looking under that pile of diapers - that bottle of Mennen Oil must be somewhere! Ah, there it is! Now go into your smooth-and-soothe act with that mild, gentle, protective oil. Tommy loves it!"

Protects baby's sensitive skin better because it's antiseptic.
Mennen is the famous original antiseptic baby oil, the only widely used baby oil that is antiseptic. Over 3300 hospitals buy and use Mennen on the extra sensitive skin of newborn babies. And most doctors recommend it to help keep baby's skin smooth and healthy.

Helps prevent many skin irritations because it's antiseptic.
Mennen Antiseptic Baby Oil forms an unbroken shield of protection - helps safeguard against roughness, chafing, urine irritation, diaper rash and many other infant skin discomforts. You'll love its delicate scent - makes baby smell so fresh and sweet.

Baby loves NEW Mennen Baby Powder, too!
Thousands of mothers have switched to the New Mennen Baby Powder. So soft, so white, with a delightful fresh scent! See if you don't agree! Like Mennen Antiseptic Baby Oil, the New Mennen Baby Powder is made especially to agree with baby's delicate, sensitive skin. Borated, for soothing protection. Perfect for grownups, too - after bath or shower. Get New Mennen Baby Powder today!

Mennen Baby Powder and Antiseptic Baby Oil.
Two of the world's finest baby products.

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