"Sleep restfully all night!"

Small Print:
He can thank Phillips' ANTACID ACTION for this!

Next time you have trouble getting to sleep at night, remember that acid indigestion is often the cause of sleeplessness. This condition often accompanies constipation... and when it keeps you awake, the thing to do is take Phillips' Milk of Magnesia. For Phillips' Milk of Magnesia is one of the fastest, most effective stomach acid neutralizers known to science. And it works with such astonishing speed that the acidity is eased away in just a matter of minutes... and soon you're deep in slumber.

Next morning-rise and shine!

Helping you sleep is only half the job for Double-Action Phillips' Milk of Magnesia, for it's more than an excellent antacid. It's a marvelous laxative too... and in the morning it brings you gentle, effective constipation relief... so you not only greet the new day feeling wonderfully rested, but refreshed and alert as well!

So gentle for children...so thorough for grownups.

Phillips Milk of Magnesia