"Sweaters a problem? Not for me...
I'm a safety-first girl with Mum."

Small Print:
Smart girl, not to let lovely snug-fitting wool become a trap for underarm odor. You stay nice to be near because your charm stays safe with Mum!

Even in winter, there's a heat wave under your arms. Odor can form without any noticeable moisture. And remember - a bath only washes away past perspiration, but Mum guards against future underarm odor.

This ad features both Guy and Jan. This is the asignment where they first met and the ad Guy talked about in interviews. Guy said, "We were posing for an illustration involving a couple skiing and the big action of the ad came when I had to tighten my ski boots. The photographer shot this sequence about 50 times, and by the time he finished all his shots, I had gotten to know Janice pretty well." A whirlwind courtship followed this fateful meeting between the handsome bachelor and Janice Cooper, a beauty from Bolivar, Tennessee. "She was the most gorgeous girl Iíd ever seen," Guy said. "I still remember how staggered I was by her beauty, and I still am, right to this day."

Janice gave her own shocked reaction: "After we finished posing, we had coffee together. Iím sure I havenít missed seeing him for a day since then, except for his enforced location trips. New York is a cosmopolitan city, Guy, being born and raised there, impressed me. I was just a little Tennessee gal, not used to the big city. Guy seemed to me a most handsome gentleman, with great savoir faire. I couldnít help falling in love."

Note: Guy must have forgotten that the big action of the scene wasn't tightening his boots, but putting on Jan's coat.

Mum Deodorant
© Mum