"Dry, Unruly Summer Hair
A Hoodoo With Maidens Fair!"

Small Print:
Kreml grooms stubborn hair so handsomely yet never leaves it looking or feeling greasy

Have you noticed a day in the hot summer sun and wind - your hair looks so wild and tangled? Do you find that slicking it down with water simply doesn't keep it in place? That you need something extra to give your hair that greatly desired, well groomed, handsome appearance? Then use KREML HAIR TONIC - a nation-wide favorite with so many of AMERICA'S BETTER GROOMED MEN! Kreml makes stubborn hair a pleausre to comb. It's famous to neatly groom dry, frazzled hair and keep it in place - so lustrous. Yet Kreml never leaves hair looking plastered down with grease. It never leaves it feeling oily or dirty. It never gives hair that silly "gigolo" look girls despise. And man! How clean and refreshed your scalp feels. Kreml promptly relieves itching of dry scalp and removes dandruff flakes. Ask for an application of Kreml Hair Tonic at your barber shop. Buy a bottle today at your drug counter. Use it daily for modern, handsome hair grooming.

Kreml Hair Tonic