"Feel the difference in your scalp, See the difference in you hair"

Small Print:
What a wonderful wake-up glow in your scalp - when you use Vitalis "Live-Action" care. That's Vitalis and the "60-Second Workout!" Nothing like 50-seconds' tingling massage with the active Vitalis formula to (1) stimulate your scalp (2) prevent dryness (3) rout flaky dandruff (4) help check excessive falling hair. Your scalp feels refreshed, invigorated. Then 10 seconds to comb and you're all set!

Vitalis "Live-Action" care gives you Handsomer Hair

Now see how much neater, how much handsomer your hair is - set to stay that way all day! Natural-looking - never "slicked down." Vitalis contains no greasy liquid petrolatum - just pure, natural vegetable oil. For a scalp that looks its best, get "Live-Action" Vitalis at any drug counter today.

"Live-Action" Vitalis and the
"60-second workout"

(The model with Guy in this ad is Jan, his wife).

Vitalis Live-Action Care