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Two Bits Goes to School

There's an old story about a group of pranksters who put a horse through Harvard, but this is undoubtedly the very first time a horse has entered the hallowed halls of Hollywood High. Johnny Crawford is now attending public high school and Two Bits, his beloved steed, just naturally made like Mary's Little Lamb. Not that Two Bits goes to school every day. Oh no. With all that "horse sense," he scarcely needs a diploma. But since he belongs to a very theatrical family, Two Bits felt it was high time he made his stage debut.

Hollywood High was getting ready to produce The Music Man, and Johnny was set to sing in the chorus. So what did he do with his stage struck horse? Got him a walk on part. Two Bits was cast as "the horse that pulls the cart." Music Man wasn't really intended to be a horse opera, but it just turned out that way. Two Bits proved to be a fine "hoofer", and very popular with other members of the cast.

Two Bits made a grand entrance for his first rehearsal, down the busy sidewalk...

Up the front steps of the school...

Through the portals of learning...

Down the corridor and into the back of the auditorium. There was no other way in.

Opening night jitters. Would critics give the show a "yea" or a "neigh"? Could mean the start of an exciting career for Two Bits.

Some observers reported they overheard Two Bits muttering, "Tonto who?" Johnny was forced to advise him that he'd better rack up a good bit more experience before giving "Mr. Ed" a run for his money.

Nevertheless, the show drew rave notices.

Don't be surprised if, the next time Johnny signs an agreement for a film or TV appearance, you hear him inquire, "Is there a part for a horse?"

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