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The Restless Ones:

This is the 1965 write up on the back of The Restless Ones album.


    You've seen Johnny Crawford in The Rifleman and The Restless Ones. Now hear Johnny in his first sacred album! Singing four great songs from The Restless Ones plus eight other great songs of inspiration.

    Johnny Crawford, popular TV and film personality has chosen 12 great songs that are dear to his heart...songs that speak of his Christian faith. Four of the songs are from the recent Worldwide Pictures production of The Restless Ones in which Johnny plays a starring role.

    You may remember him from this Billy Graham picture...or perhaps you best recall his superb acting in the role of "Mark" in The Rifleman series on television. For his portrayal, Johnny received a nomination for the coveted Emmy award.

    Acting is nothing new to Johnny Crawford. He has been a performer for most of his 20 years. He made his public debut at the tender age of 5 and at the ripe old age of 9, became one of the original members of Walt Disney's famous "Mouseketeers."

    At the age of twelve, Johnny hit bigtime stardom when he was chosen to costar in the TV series of The Rifleman which ran 5 seasons, 168 episodes, and now has the largest syndication of any TV show.

    In 1961, Johnny became a recording favorite with such records as Cindy's Birthday, Your Nose Is Gonna Grow and Rumors which rated in the national Top Ten of the recording industry.

    Now in a new role, that of a TV production specialist with the U.S. Army, Johnny Crawford has seen the great need for faith, comfort, and inspiration during these troubled times. He feels that he can best share the faith that he enjoys by singing these twelve great songs of faith for you...his first album on the Supreme label.

--Nathanael Olson

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