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Teen Magazine Photos

To quote photographer Lynn Goldsmith, "Teen idols were a good thing, especially for us girls. They gave us our own set of heroes, our own magazines to buy, our own styles and our own identities as teenagers. It was part of growing up. The beauty of loving someone as a teenager is the likelihood you'll love them forever".

16 magazine was the first magazine to capture that fantastical celebrity magic for a very specific teenage audience. Since its inception in 1957 (with Elvis as the first cover boy), an entire genre has blossomed. Though many copied the formula, no other publication has ever successfully captured the magic that was 16 in it's heyday. Back then, millions of little girls understood, and now that they're big girls, they still do.

With every story, you got to know a little more about your favorite teen idol, whether it was getting to know his likes and dislikes or getting a peek at his homelife and family, we ate it up! Here are some of my favorite pictures of Johnny and a couple with his brother Bobby.