Hey Mulligan! a.k.a. The Mickey Rooney Show, ran from August 28, 1954 to June 4, 1955 on NBC. The series involves the misadventures of Mickey Mulligan who plays a page at the International Broadcasting Company in Los Angeles. Undecided about his future, he attends the Academy of Dramatic Arts and by taking various part-time jobs, he struggles to discover his goal in life. His thespian ambitions are not encouraged by either his peers or superiors. Guy was featured in two episodes. This episode, titled "7 Days to Doom", has Mickey believing he has a rare disease and has only seven days to live. Why? Because when the company nurse, who was typing out the employees' results from their annual physicals, was distracted by listening to a handsome actor (Guy) reading a script about a patient that was dying, she inadvertantly typed the script's fatal disease on Mickey's report which he later read. Because he believes he's dying, he volunteers to dismantle a bomb that was left in the studio by a disgruntled ex-employee. Guy plays Ross Elliott, (who plays Dr. Pierce).

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