They're at least as photogenic as their famous husbands

Mrs. Don (Johnny Ringo) Durant, Mrs. Guy (Zorro) Williams and Mrs. David (Richard Diamond) Janssen are model wives in many ways. Besides being dutiful helpmates, all three are professional models. Trudy (Wroe) Durant started in 1951 with Caroline Leonetti and later worked with Mary Webb Davis. (Both train models for TV in Hollywood.) She's done television commercials (Paper-Mate, among others) for the past six years.

Janice Williams and her seven-year-old Steve sometimes model as a mother-son team. Baby Toni later may make it a mother-son-daughter combination. Janice was a Powers model in New York before moving to Hollywood in 1952.

Ellie Janssen was a mannequin for New York fashion houses (Ben Teif, Larry Aldrich) and a photographer's model. Recently inactive, she is contemplating a return to the business.

All three model wives stress the importance of posture. Mrs. Janssen's formula: "I try to touch an imaginary ceiling with my head. Every part of the body seems to fall into place."

Mrs. Durant's rule: "Pull in the stomach and lower the shoulders to make the neck look long."

Says Mrs. Williams: "I stand as tall as I can by imagining I'm pulling myself up with an imaginary string."

Other pointers: Don't stand with arms dangling. Keep them slightly bent at elbows, or hold one casually about waiste-high. To put coat on gracefully, grasp it at the center of collar with one hand while slipping the other arm into sleeve. Reach down around the back for the opposite sleeve, drawing coat up around shoulders and into place with both hands.

TV Guide.