Episode: Runaway Boy

From Season #1 1955-1956

Above photos from episode titled: Runaway Boy
Writer: Lou Huston - Director: Harry Gerstad

Fearing eye surgery, Jimmy, a 12-year-old, runs away. Dan is told that he needs an immediate operation to preserve his sight and that his impaired vision may cause injury that could doom him to blindness or death. Dan learns from Jimmy's friend that he's heading to a town 75 miles away. After accidentally damaging Jimmy's bike, a truck driver calls the Highway Patrol, because he suspects that the boy is a runaway. Overhearing the truck driver make the call, he flees. Dan traces him to his father in a nearby town, but through unintentional interference by his mother, Jimmy is alerted and runs again. While hitchhiking, he meets up with a tramp. Not wanting to be involved with a runaway, the tramp sends Jimmy to a remote, dangerous area. Dan's quick action saves the boy from injury and gets him to return home willingly for his eye surgery.

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