From Season #1 1955-1956

Episode: Harbor Story

Guy Williams made a few appearances on the ZIV tv series, Highway Patrol, starring rough and gruff actor, Broderick Crawford. In this episode, Harbor Story, three men rob a bank in a small coastal town and shoot a bystander. Dan orders roadblocks that seem sure to cut off every route of escape. A car is found abandoned. Anticipating roadblocks, the trio head for the beach dressed as fishermen in a well-organized plan. When a launch comes to take them down the coast, they assault a skin-diver (Stuart Whitman) and leave him for dead to conceal their escape. He's accidentally found in time and Dan finds a clue that links the bank robbery to the assault on the beach.

Deduction based on previous robberies gives Dan a plan that can be instantly put into action when they strike again. They close in on the beach, but Dan must remove two small children from danger without exciting them or alerting the bandits. A bold ruse does the trick but nearly kills Dan when he's forced to confront the men single-handedly to prevent them from reaching the launch.

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