The March of Time, 1946 - "The Returning Veteran". (short subject, recruiting, WW2)

The March of Time

Guy joined New York's Neighborhood Playhouse, which led to work in television productions such as "Studio One". In 1952, he was given a screen test and was then signed by Universal International Studios. He spent the next few years in Hollywood playing minor roles.

With Gigi Perreau and Bonzo

In 1952, Guy had a small part in the film Bonzo Goes To College.The focus, of course, is on brainy chimpanzee Bonzo, who escapes a seedy sideshow and hides out on a college campus. Here he is adopted by Betsy Drew (Gigi Perreau), the daughter of professor Malcolm Drew, (Charles Drake). Eventually, Bonzo joins the football team, and becomes the star player. A pair of bad guys kidnap Bonzo on the eve of the big game, but it isn't difficult to guess how things will turn out.

There are a few good supporting performances by Gene Lockhart (June's father) and Edmund Gwenn as Betsy's feuding grandfathers, Maureen O'Sullivan as Drew's wife, a young Jerry Paris as one of the crooks, Irene Ryan, and of course Guy, who plays Betsy's teacher, Ronald Calkins.

Me and Gigi Perreau

Me and Gigi Perreau, 2003.

Willie and Joe: "Back At the Front", 1952, starring Tom Ewell and Harvey Lembeck. World War II is over; to get home quickly, GIs Willie and Joe (of cartoon fame) join the "inactive reserve." Just firmly settled back into civilian life, they're recalled for a new bout of basic training at a base in Japan. From then on, the boys are in and out of one scrape after another, topped by innocent involvement with glamorous Nida, a Eurasian Mata Hari, and her sinister friends.

1953. House Party, a 15-minute musical short. Andy Russell and his wife Della try to get Jack Loughery (Guy) to propose to his girlfriend Judy, but he isn't very interested in doing so.

Mississippi Gambler

In 1953, Mississippi Gambler. Tyrone Power stars as Mark Fallon, an all-around adventurer with ambitions of establishing a gambling business in New Orleans. In between scenes of swordplay, fist fighting and gambling, Fallon woos Angelique Duroux (Piper Laurie), but she chooses to marry wealthy George Elwood (Ron Randell). In turn, Fallon is wooed by Ann Conant (Julie Adams), whose ardor is not reciprocated. The climax finds Fallon in a card table showdown with Laurent Duroux (John Baer), Angelique's ill tempered brother.

The Man From the Alamo

Guy appeared with Glenn Ford and Hugh O'Brian in The Man From the Alamo, 1953. The story of a man mistaken for a deserter after he escapes from the Alamo to warn others. Guy has a small scene portraying Sergeant McCaulley. (Click above photo to hear part of Guy's scene.)

Take Me To Town

Take Me To Town

Take Me To Town, also 1953. It starred Ann Sheridan and Sterling Hayden. The story of a sly saloon singer who hits the high road after a scrape with the law. She uses her many talents to fund the building of a new church. Guy has a small role playing the hero in an outdoor play.

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