Guy Williams may be Lost in Space every Wednesday night as star of the CBS series of the same name, but in person he is a thoughtful, articulate fellow who gives every indication of knowing exactly where he's going. He can talk knowledgeably on subjects ranging from the stock market to photography. He's written a couple of television pilots and plans to do a little more "format figuring if I have some time" during the Lost in Space hiatus. In fact, he can even talk about why he DOESN'T watch television. And he isn't reluctant to discuss that subject for as he puts it, "you don't have to watch TV to be in the business." "I'd rather read a book or talk to someone," reasons Williams.

As John Robinson
Guy Williams as John Robinson on Lost in Space.

"Television is there if I want to watch it and lately I've taken to the conversation shows but other than that, I've gotten out of the habit. I used to watch all of the old movies but I got tired of the way they were cut. And the biggest single annoyance was what makes it possible to be on at all...the interruptions. If I'm reading or listening to records, I'm the one who decides when the interruptions will come...when I'll put down the book to get a cheese sandwich."

"From what I've read, the overall viewing of television has dropped off," Williams continued, "so I'm not alone." He isn't concerned with the fact that reportedly TV has fewer viewers, nor does he concern himself with "next year," "renewals" or "ratings."

"That's all another department," he explained. "All I have to worry about is getting up at 6 in the morning." In other words, his job is to be an actor and if he gets involved in surrounding aspects of series employment, "it's just one more load to carry around."

Williams, who was once TV's Zorro, did state that he feels Lost in Space "will return next year." He also indicated that the show would spend more time in space and that there would be more action, obviously a move to keep the viewers watching. With luck, maybe Williams himself will tune in occasionally!

"Camera Angles" by Aleene MacMinn. Contributed by Laurie E. Close.